GROUPS(1)                                               GROUPS(1)

       groups - print the groups a user is in

       groups [username...]
       groups {--help,--version}

       This  manual  page  documents  the  GNU version of groups.
       groups prints the names of the supplementary  groups  that
       each  given  username,  or the current process if none are
       given, is in.  If user names are given, the name  of  each
       user is printed before the list of that user's groups.

       The  group  lists are equivalent to the output of the com-
       mand `id -Gn'.

       When GNU groups is invoked with exactly one argument,  the
       following options are recognized:

       --help Print  a  usage message on standard output and exit

              Print version information on standard  output  then
              exit successfully.

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