htpasswd(1)                                           htpasswd(1)

       htpasswd - Create and update user authentication files

       htpasswd [ -c ] passwdfile username

       htpasswd  is used to create and update the flat-files used
       to store usernames and password for  basic  authentication
       of  HTTP users.  Resources available from the httpd Apache
       web server can be restricted to just the users  listed  in
       the  files  created by htpasswd.  This program can only be
       used when the usernames are stored in a flat-file. To  use
       a DBM database see dbmmanage.

       This  manual  page  only lists the command line arguments.
       For details of the directives necessary to configure  user
       authentication  in  httpd  see the Apache manual, which is
       part of  the  Apache  distribution  or  can  be  found  at

       -c     Create   the   passwdfile.  If  passwdfile  already
              exists, it is deleted first.

       -m     Use MD5 encryption for passwords.  On Windows, this
              is the only format supported.

              Name of the file to contain the user name and pass-
              word. If -c is given, this file is  created  if  it
              does not already exist, or deleted and recreated if
              it does exist.

              The username to create or update in passwdfile.  If
              username  does  not exist is this file, an entry is
              added. If it does exist, the password is changed.


                          February 1997                         1