IFUSER(8)                                               IFUSER(8)

       ifuser - identify destinations routed to a particular net-
       work interface

       ifuser [-v] interface [target ...]

       This utility checks to see if any of the listed  hosts  or
       network  addresses are routed through the specified inter-
       face.  Destinations may be specified either by IP  address
       or by name.

       The  exit  code will be 0 if any listed host or network is
       routed through this interface, and 1 if the  interface  is
       not in use (similar to fuser).

       -v     Verbose  mode:  if enabled, then the names of those
              destinations routed to this interface (if any) will
              be reported on standard output.

       David Hinds - dhinds@hyper.stanford.edu
       Regis "HPReg" Duchesne - regis@via.ecp.fr

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