initlog(8)                                             initlog(8)

       initlog - log messages and events to the system logger

       initlog  [-cefnprs]  [--cmd=ARG]  [--event=ARG]  [--facil-
       ity=ARG]   [--name=ARG]    [--priority=ARG]    [--run=ARG]

       initlog logs messages and events to the system logger.  It
       is mainly designed for use in init scripts.

       -c, --cmd=[program]
              Execute the  specified  program,  logging  anything
              output to stdout or stderr.

       -e, --event=[number]
              Logs  that  the  specified  event happened. Usually
              used in conjuction with --name. Currently specified
              events are:
               1  the action completed successfully
               2  the action failed
               3  the action was cancelled at user request
               4  the action failed due to the failure of a dependent action

       -f, --facility=[facility]

              Log at the specified syslog facility. The default
              is daemon (see syslog(3)).

       -n, --name=[string]
              Log the event under the specified string, such as

       -p, --priority=[priority]
              Log at the specified syslog priority. The default
              is notice (see syslog(3)).

       -r, --run=[program]
              Execute the specified program, with an open file
              descriptor so that the program can pass back
              commands to initlog.

       -s, --string=[string]
              Log the specified string to the logger.

       syslog(3), logger(1)

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