INSTALL-MH(8)                                       INSTALL-MH(8)

       install-mh - initialize the nmh environment

       /usr/lib/nmh/install-mh [-auto]
            [-version] [-help]

       Install-mh  is the nmh program to create the initial setup
       for a first-time nmh user.  It  is  typically  invoked  by
       other  nmh commands, and should NOT be directly invoked by
       the user.

       When a user runs any nmh program for the first  time,  the
       program  will  invoke install-mh (with the `-auto' switch)
       to query the user for the initial  nmh  environment.   The
       user  is  asked for the name of the directory that will be
       designated as the user's nmh directory.  If this directory
       does not exist, the user is asked if it should be created.
       Normally, this directory should be under the  user's  home
       directory,  and  has  the  default  name  of Mail/.  After
       install-mh has written the  initial  .mh_profile  for  the
       user, control returns to the original nmh program.

       As  with  all  nmh commands, install-mh first consults the
       $HOME environment variable to determine  the  user's  home
       directory.  If $HOME is not set, then the /etc/passwd file
       is consulted.

       When creating the users  initial  .mh_profile,  install-mh
       will   check   for  the  existence  of  a  global  profile
       /etc/nmh/mh.profile.  If found, this will be used to  ini-
       tialize the new .mh_profile.  ^$HOME/.mh_profile~^The user
       profile ^/etc/nmh/mh.profile~^Used to initialize user pro-
       file ^Path:~^To set the user's nmh directory With `-auto',
       the current folder is changed to "inbox".

[nmh-0.27]                    MH.6.8                            1