joystick_getnumaxes(3) Svgalib User Manual joystick_getnumaxes(3)

       joystick_getnumaxes,  joystick_getnumbuttons  -  query the
       capabilities of a joystick

       #include <vgajoystick.h>

       char joystick_getnumaxes(int joydev);
       char joystick_getnumbuttons(int joydev);

       queries the number of axes (number  of  continuous  ranges
       which the joystick allows to choose from) and buttons. The
       old version 0.* joystick protocol reports 2 axes (x and y)
       and  4  buttons  although the actual joystick will usually
       have less (often two) buttons.

       svgalib supports up to 127 axes and buttons, provided  the
       underlying device driver does it.

       This  function  is  only  available  in  ELF  versions  of
       svgalib. Due to backwards compatibility issues  it  cannot
       be used with shared a.out libs.

       svgalib(7),    vgagl(7),   libvga(5),   joytest(6),
       mjoytest(6),  joystick_init(3),  joystick_close(3),   joy-
       stick_update(3),  joystick_sethandler(3),  joystick_setde-
       faulthandler(3),   joystick_getaxis(3),   joystick_getbut-
       ton(3),   joystick_button1(3),   joystick_getb1(3),   joy-
       stick_x(3), joystick_getx(3).

       The svgalib joystick handler was  mostly  done  by  Daniel
       Engstr\"om  <>.   Multiple joy-
       stick, VC switching support  and  code  to  glue  it  into
       svgalib  by Michael Weller <>.
       Part of the code is  based  on  code  from  C.  Smith  and
       Vojtech Pavlik.

Svgalib 1.3.0             14 April 1998                         1