keyboard_init(3)       Svgalib User Manual       keyboard_init(3)

       keyboard_init,  keyboard_init_return_fd  -  initialize the
       keyboard to raw mode

       #include <vgakeyboard.h>

       int keyboard_init(void);
       int keyboard_init_return_fd(void);

       These routines initialize the keyboard  to  raw  mode.  No
       ASCII  codes  are produced, instead svgalib keeps track of
       each single keypress or depress.   The  return_fd  version
       returns the file descriptor of the console device to allow
       you to do further tricks with it  (though  it  is  unclear
       which).   The  other version just returns 0 if successful.
       Both return -1 on error.

       keyboard_close(3) returns to normal operation.

       When  in  raw  keyboard  mode  you  can  no   longer   use
       vga_getch(3)  or  vga_getkey(3)  but  you  must  use  key-
       board_getstate(3) or keyboard_keypressed(3).

       Depending on the setting of keyboard_translatekeys(3) even
       in  raw  mode a <Ctrl>-C will cause a SIGINT.  In any case
       svgalib will check for <Alt>-F1 -  <Alt>-F10  and  perform
       console switches accordingly.

       svgalib(7),    vgagl(7),   libvga(5),   keytest(6),
       eventtest(6),      keyboard_seteventhandler(3),       key-
       board_close(3),   keyboard_update(3),  keyboard_waitforup-
       date(3), keyboard_setdefaulteventhandler(3), keyboard_get-
       state(3),      keyboard_clearstate(3),     keyboard_trans-
       latekeys(3), keyboard_keypressed(3), vga_waitevent(3)

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