ldconfig(8)                                           ldconfig(8)

       ldconfig - determine run-time link bindings

       ldconfig    [-DvnNX]    [-f conf]   [-C cache]   [-r root]
       directory ...
       ldconfig -l [-Dv] library ...
       ldconfig -p

       ldconfig creates the necessary links and cache (for use by
       the  run-time  linker,  ld.so)  to  the most recent shared
       libraries found in the directories specified on  the  com-
       mand line, in the file /etc/ld.so.conf, and in the trusted
       directories (/usr/lib  and  /lib).   ldconfig  checks  the
       header  and file names of the libraries it encounters when
       determining  which  versions  should  have   their   links
       updated.   ldconfig  ignores  symbolic links when scanning
       for libraries.

       ldconfig should normally be run by the  super-user  as  it
       may  require  write permission on some root owned directo-
       ries and files.   It  is  normally  run  automatically  at
       bootup,  from  /etc/rc, or manually whenever new DLL's are

       -D     Debug mode.  Implies -N and -X.

       -v     Verbose mode.  Print current  version  number,  the
              name  of  each  directory  as it is scanned and any
              links that are created.

       -n     Only process directories specified on  the  command
              line.    Don't   process  the  trusted  directories
              (/usr/lib  and  /lib)  nor   those   specified   in
              /etc/ld.so.conf.  Implies -N.

       -N     Don't  rebuild the cache.  Unless -X is also speci-
              fied, links are still updated.

       -X     Don't update links.  Unless -N is  also  specified,
              the cache is still rebuilt.

       -f conf
              Use conf instead of /etc/ld.so.conf.

       -C cache
              Use cache instead of /etc/ld.so.cache.

       -r root
              Change to and use root as the root directory.

       -l     Library  mode.  Manually link individual libraries.
              Intended for use by experts only.

       -p     Print  the  lists  of  directories  and   candidate
              libraries stored in the current cache.

       In the bootup file /etc/rc having the line

              /sbin/ldconfig -v

       will  set up the correct links for the shared binaries and
       rebuild the cache.

       On the command line

              # /sbin/ldconfig -n /lib

       as root after the installation of a new DLL, will properly
       update the shared library symbolic links in /lib.

       /lib/ld.so          execution time linker/loader
       /etc/ld.so.conf     File   containing  a  list  of  colon,
                           space,   tab,   newline,   or    comma
                           spearated   directories  in  which  to
                           search for libraries.
       /etc/ld.so.cache    File containing  an  ordered  list  of
                           libraries  found  in  the  directories
                           specified in /etc/ld.so.conf.
       lib*.so.version     shared libraries

       ldd(1), ld(8), ld.so.info.

       ldconfig's functionality, in conjunction  with  ld.so,  is
       only available for executables compiled using libc version
       4.4.3 or greater.

       ldconfig, being a user process, must be run  manually  and
       has  no  means  of  dynamically  determining and relinking
       shared libraries for use  by  ld.so  when  a  new  DLL  is

       David Engel and Mitch D'Souza.

                          6 January 1997                        1