svgalib.et6000(7)      Svgalib Users Manual     svgalib.et6000(7)

       svgalib.et6000,  libvga.et6000  -  Information  for  Tseng
       ET6000 users

       1. Basics of the ET6000 card
       2. How to configure svgalib(7)
       3. Problems

       The ET6000 is a PCI/VESA Local Bus -  compatible  graphics
       controller  with  a powerful graphics accelerator, a built
       in DAC and clock  synthesizer  and  support  for  DRAM  or
       MDRAM.  The  integrated 135MHz 24-bit clocked DAC can dis-
       play colors up to 1280x1024x16M at  up  to  75Hz  vertical
       refresh.  With  DRAM  the card may have 1, 2 or 4MBytes of
       memory, and with MDRAM 2  or  4MBytes  are  possible.  The
       driver  detects  how  much  and the type of memory. I have
       2MBytes of MDRAM which the driver detects correctly. Other
       combinations  have  not been tested, but the driver should
       work correctly for those.

       The svgalib(7) can be configured for the et6000 video card
       in  two  different  ways, the register definitions for the
       card may be included in et6000.c or the definitions may be
       left  outside  in  a  file  which  will be read every time
       svgalib is initialized. Compiling the registers inside  of
       the driver has the advantage that it starts up immediately
       when svgalib is called. This is not really a great  advan-
       tage unless you are using a very slow computer. The disad-
       vantage is that if one wants to change some registers  one
       must  recompile  the  driver. By leaving the register set-
       tings outside of the driver the registers may be  modified
       by  changing  the  register file. No recompiling is neces-
       sary. Most users will probably not want to  modify  regis-
       ters,  but  as  we  define  more modes for the card in new
       releases, one may update to the new modes by just  copying
       et6000.regs    into    /etc/vga    after    renaming    it

       To install  the  registers  into  the  driver  just  leave
       DYNAMIC  =  y  commented  out  in the Makefile.cfg. If the
       DYNAMIC = y is defined in Makefile.cfg i.e. the #  charac-
       ter   in   front   of   DYNAMIC   is   removed,  the  file
       svgalib.et6000 will be installed in /etc/vga and the  reg-
       isters will not be included in the driver. When svgalib is
       entered the register values will be read in.  If  you  are
       installing  a  new version of svgalib and you already have
       an /etc/vga/svgalib.et6000 present, the makefile will  not
       overwrite your old file, and you must make any updates you
       wish by hand.

       The demo programs vgatest, keytest,  forktest,  mousetest,
       testlinear,  printftest, eventtest, scrolltest, speedtest,
       fun and testgl work fine. The plane and wrapdemo work only
       with the choice N.

       Testaccel,  accel  and  spin  do not work. I am working on
       getting accel to work. The 3d  and  bg_test  also  do  not


       svgalib(7) libvga(5)

       Don Secrest <>

 Svgalib (>= 1.2.14)      6 August 1998                         1