MEMORY_CS(4)                                         MEMORY_CS(4)

       memory_cb - CardBus memory driver

       insmod memory_cb.o [pc_debug=n]

       Memory_cb gives direct memory access to the address spaces
       of CardBus cards.  It provides character-mode devices  for
       accessing  a  card's  PCI  configuration  space, up to six
       mapped memory or IO regions, and its expansion ROM  space.
       When  loaded,  memory_cb will allocate a free major device
       number.  For each  card,  it  will  report  which  address
       spaces are available, and their sizes.  Minor numbers have
       the form 'dddddsss', where 'ddddd' is the instance  number
       and  'sss'  is  the  memory space for that instance.  When
       memory_cb is bound to a card, it will report its major and
       minor device numbers to cardmgr(8).

       The  default  memory  card  initialization  script creates
       device special files for all eight  card  address  spaces,
       though  for  a  particular  card,  some  of  these  may be
       unavailable.  These devices have the following names:

              The card's PCI configuration space.

              The IO or memory spaces mapped by  the  card's  six
              Base Address Registers.

              The card's expansion ROM space.

       The  character  special  devices  can  be used to read and
       write arbitrary numbers of bytes to  arbitrary  locations.
       The  memory_cb  driver can be bound to any card regardless
       of function.

              Selects the PCMCIA debugging level.  This parameter
              is  only  available  if the module is compiled with
              debugging enabled.  A non-zero value enables debug-

       David Hinds -

       cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5), memory_cs(4).

pcmcia-cs              1999/02/08 08:01:37                      1