MHPARAM(1)                                             MHPARAM(1)

       mhparam - print nmh profile components

       mhparam [components] [-all] [-component] [-nocomponent]
            [-version] [-help]

       Mhparam  writes  the value of the specified profile compo-
       nent to the standard output separated by newlines.  If the
       profile  component  is  not present, the default value (or
       nothing if there is no default) is printed.

       If the switch `-component' is given,  then  the  component
       name is displayed along with the profile components value.
       This can be disabled with the switch `-nocomponent'.

       If more than one component is  specified  in  the  `compo-
       nents'  list,  then  the  switch  `-component'  is  on  by
       default.  If only one component  is  specified,  then  the
       switch `-nocomponent' is on by default.

       If  `-all'  is  specified,  then all components in the nmh
       profile are displayed and other arguments are ignored.


            % mhparam path

            % mhparam mhlproc

            % mhparam -component path
            Path: Mail

            % mhparam AliasFile rmmproc
            AliasFile: aliases
            rmmproc: rmmproc

            % mhparam -nocomponent AliasFile rmmproc

       Mhparam is also useful in back-quoted operations:

            % fgrep `mhpath +`/`mhparam aliasfile`

       ^$HOME/.mh_profile~^The   user    profile    mh-profile(5)
       `-nocomponent' if only one component is specified `-compo-
       nent' if more than one component is specified `components'
       defaults to none None

[nmh-0.27]                    MH.6.8                            1