MKBOOTDISK(8)                                       MKBOOTDISK(8)

       mkbootdisk  -  creates  a  stand-alone boot floppy for the
       running system

       mkbootdisk [--version] [--noprompt] [--verbose]
                  [--mkinitrdargs <args>] [--device <devicefile>]

       mkbootdisk  creates a boot floppy appropriate for the run-
       ning system. The boot disk is entirely self-contained, and
       includes  an  initial ramdisk image which loads any neces-
       sary SCSI modules for the system. The  created  boot  disk
       looks  for  the root filesystem on the device suggested by
       /etc/fstab.  The only required argument is the kernel ver-
       sion to put onto the boot floppy.

       The  resultant  boot  disk may also be used to boot from a
       floppy root filesystem  by  typing  rescue  at  the  lilo:
       prompt rather then letting the default image boot.

       --device <devicefile>
              The  boot  image  is  created on <devicefile>fR. If
              --device is not specified, /dev/fd0 is used.

              --mkinitrdargs <args> Passes <args>fR  to  mkinitrd
              (which  is used to create the initial ramdisk image
              for the boot floppy). Any mkinitrd arguments may be

              --noprompt  Normally, mkbootdisk instructs the user
              to insert  a  floppy  and  waits  for  confirmation
              before  continuing.  If --noprompt is specified, no
              prompt is displayed.

              Instructs mkbootdisk to talk about what it's  doing
              as it's doing it. Normally, there is no output from

              Displays the version of mkbootdisk and exits.


       Erik Troan <>

                         Tue Mar 31 1998                        1