MPACK(1)                                                 MPACK(1)

       mpack - pack a file in MIME format

       mpack [ -s subject ] [ -d descriptionfile ] [ -m maxsize ]
       [ -c content-type ] file address ...
       mpack [ -s subject ] [ -d descriptionfile ] [ -m maxsize ]
       [ -c content-type ] -o outputfile file
       mpack [ -s subject ] [ -d descriptionfile ] [ -m maxsize ]
       [ -c content-type ] -n newsgroups file

       The mpack program encodes the the named  file  in  one  or
       more  MIME messages.  The resulting messages are mailed to
       one or more recipients, written to a named file or set  of
       files, or posted to a set of newsgroups.

       -s subject
              Set  the  Subject  header  field  to  Subject.   By
              default, mpack will prompt for the contents of  the
              subject header.

       -d descriptionfile
              Include the contents of the file descriptionfile in
              an introductory section at  the  beginning  of  the
              first generated message.

       -m maxsize
              Split  the message (if necessary) into partial mes-
              sages, each not exceeding maxsize characters.   The
              default  limit  is the value of the SPLITSIZE envi-
              ronment variable, or no limit  if  the  environment
              variable does not exist.  Specifying a maxsize of 0
              means there is no limit to the size of  the  gener-
              ated message.

       -c content-type
              Label  the included file as being of MIME type con-
              tent-type, which must be a subtype of  application,
              audio,  image,  or  video.   If  this switch is not
              given, mpack examines the  file  to  determine  its

       -o outputfile
              Write the generated message to the file outputfile.
              If the message has to be split,  the  partial  mes-
              sages  will instead be written to the files output-
              file.01, outputfile.02, etc.

       -n newsgroups
              Post the generated message(s)  to  the  comma-sepa-
              rated netnews newsgroups.

       file   Encode the named file.

       address ...
              Mail   the  generated  messages  to  the  specified

       TMPDIR Directory to store  temporary  files.   Default  is

              Default value of the -m switch.