MSGCHK(1)                                               MSGCHK(1)

       msgchk - check for messages

       msgchk [-date] [-nodate] [-notify all/mail/nomail]
            [-nonotify all/mail/nomail]
            [users ...]  [-version] [-help]

       The  msgchk  program  checks all known mail drops for mail
       waiting for you.  For those drops which have mail for you,
       msgchk will indicate if it believes that you have seen the
       mail in question before.

       The `-notify type' switch  indicates  under  what  circum-
       stances  msgchk  should produce a message.  The default is
       `-notify all' which says that msgchk should always  report
       the status of the users maildrop.  Other values for `type'
       include `mail' which says that msgchk  should  report  the
       status  of  waiting  mail;  and,  `nomail' which says that
       msgchk should report the status of empty  maildrops.   The
       `-nonotify type'   switch   has  the  inverted  sense,  so
       `-nonotify all' directs msgchk to never report the  status
       of  maildrops.  This is useful if the user wishes to check
       msgchk's exit status.  A non-zero  exit  status  indicates
       that  mail  was  not waiting for at least one of the indi-
       cated users.

       If msgchk produces output, then the `-date' switch directs
       msgchk  to  print out the last date mail was read, if this
       can be determined.  ^$HOME/.mh_profile~^The  user  profile
       ^/etc/nmh/mts.conf~^nmh     mts     configuration     file
       ^/var/spool/mail/$USER~^Location of mail drop None  inc(1)
       `user'  defaults to the current user `-date' `-notify all'

[nmh-0.27]                    MH.6.8                            1