NOHUP(1)                                                 NOHUP(1)

       nohup  - run a command immune to hangups, with output to a

       nohup command [arg...]
       nohup {--help,--version}

       This manual page  documents  the  GNU  version  of  nohup.
       nohup  runs  the given command with hangup signals ignored
       and the scheduling priority increased by 5,  so  that  the
       command  can  continue running in the background after you
       log out.  If the standard output is  a  tty,  it  and  the
       standard error are redirected so that they are appended to
       the file `nohup.out'; if that cannot be written  to,  they
       are  appended to the file `$HOME/nohup.out'.  If that can-
       not be written to, the command is not run.

       If    nohup    creates    the    file    `nohup.out'    or
       `$HOME/nohup.out',  it  creates  it with no access permis-
       sions for group or other.  It does not change the  permis-
       sions of those files if they already existed.

       nohup  does  not  automatically put the command it runs in
       the background; you must do that explicitly, by ending the
       command line with an `&'.

       When  GNU  nohup is invoked with exactly one argument, the
       following options are recognized:

       --help Print a usage message on standard output  and  exit

              Print  version  information on standard output then
              exit successfully.

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