PATHCHK(1)                                             PATHCHK(1)

       pathchk - check whether file names are valid or portable

       pathchk  [-p]  [--portability]  [--help] [--version] file-

       This manual page documents the  GNU  version  of  pathchk.
       For  each  filename,  pathchk  prints  a message if any of
       these conditions are false:
       o all existing directories in filename have  search  (exe-
       cute) permission
       o  the  length  of filename is no larger than its filesys-
       tem's maximum file name length
       o the length of each component of  filename  corresponding
       to  an  existing  directory  name  is  no  larger than its
       filesystem's maximum length for a file name component

       The exit status is:
       0 if all file names passed all of the tests,
       1 otherwise.

       --help Print a usage message on standard output  and  exit

       -p, --portability
              Instead of performing length checks on the underly-
              ing filesystem, test the length of each  file  name
              and its components against the POSIX.1 minimum lim-
              its for portability.  Also check that the file name
              contains no characters not in the portable filename
              character set.

              Print version information on standard  output  then
              exit successfully.

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