plane(6)               Svgalib User Manual               plane(6)

       plane - draw a 3 dimensional plane


       A greyscale-shaded rendered-on-the-fly turbo-prop that you
       can rotate and scale however you like.

       The demo prompts your for a mode to be  used  and  several
       details.  Just  follow  the instructions on the screen and
       make your selections.

       Once the program runs you can use the following keys:

       <Q> and <A>, <Z> and <X>, <O> and <P>
              to rotate the plane around the space axes.

       <T> and <V>, <F> and <G>, <W> and <S>
              to move up, down, north, south, east, west.  (world
              view only)

              to toggle rendering vs. wire frame.

       <W> and <S>
              to  scale  in  non-world  view  compilation  -- see

       <1> and <2>
              to change rotation increment.

       <3> through <9>
              to change surface density.

       <R>    to change shading method.

       <C>    to quit the program.

       <I>    to reset the rotation to the startup values.

       This demo is part of svgalib  and  can  be  found  in  the
       threeDkit/  subdirectory of the original svgalib distribu-
       tion. However, it  is  not  installed  in  the  system  by
       default,  s.t. it is unclear where you can find it if your
       svgalib was installed by  some  linux  distribution.  Even
       then,  when you have the demo on your system, you probably
       won't have the sources s.t. it is only of limited use  for

       In case of any such problem, simply get an svgalib distri-
       bution from the net. You even don't need  to  install  it.
       Just make in the threeDkit/ subdirectory. As of this writ-
       ing, svgalib-1.2.12.tar.gz is the latest version  and  can
       be    retrieved    by    ftp   from   at
       /pub/Linux/libs/graphics     and     at
       /pub/linux/sources/libs  which  will most probably be mir-
       rored by a site close to you.

       svgalib(7), vgagl(7), libvga(5), triangle(3), stri-
       angle(3),    wtriangle(3),   swtriangle(3),   trisetcolor-
       lookup(3),    trigetcolorlookup(3),    trisetdrawpoint(3),
       threedkit(7), vgatest(6), threed(6), accel(6), bg_test(6),
       eventtest(6),     forktest(6),     fun(6),     keytest(6),
       mousetest(6),  scrolltest(6),  speedtest(6), spin(6), tes-
       taccel(6), testgl(6), testlinear(6), wrapdemo(6)

       This manual page was edited by Michael Weller <eowmob@exp->.  The  demos, the initial documentation
       and the whole threedkit  stuff  was  done  by  Paul  Sheer

       Paper mail:
              Paul Sheer
              P O BOX 890507
              Johannesburg 2106
              South Africa

       Donations  (by  check or postal order) will be appreciated
       and will encourage further development of  this  software.
       However  this  is strictly on a voluntary basis where this
       software  falls  under  the  GNU  LIBRARY  GENERAL  PUBLIC

Svgalib (>= 1.2.11)         2 Aug 1997                          1