POST(8)                                                   POST(8)

       post - deliver a message

       /usr/lib/nmh/post [-alias aliasfile]
            [-filter filterfile]       [-nofilter]      [-format]
            [-mime] [-nomime] [-msgid] [-nomsgid] [-verbose]
            [-noverbose] [-watch] [-nowatch] [-width columns]
            file [-version] [-help]

       Post is the default program called by send (1) to  deliver
       the  message  in file to local and remote users.  In fact,
       most of the features attributed to send in its manual page
       are  performed  by  post, with send acting as a relatively
       simple preprocessor.  Thus, it is post  which  parses  the
       various  header fields, appends From: and Date: lines, and
       interacts with the mail transport system.  Post  will  not
       normally be called directly by the user.

       Post  searches  the  "To:",  "cc:",  "Bcc:",  "Fcc:",  and
       "Resent-xxx:" header lines of the  specified  message  for
       destination  addresses,  checks these addresses for valid-
       ity, and formats them so as to conform to ARPAnet Internet
       Message  Format  protocol,  unless the `-noformat' flag is
       set.   This  will  normally  cause  "@local-site"  to   be
       appended to each local destination address, as well as any
       local return addresses.  The `-width columns'  switch  can
       be  used  to  indicate  the preferred length of the header
       components that contain addresses.

       If a "Bcc:" field is encountered, its  addresses  will  be
       used  for  delivery,  and the "Bcc:" field will be removed
       from the message sent to sighted  recipients.   The  blind
       recipients  will  receive  an  entirely new message with a
       minimal set of headers.  Included in the body of the  mes-
       sage  will  be  a  copy of the message sent to the sighted
       recipients.  If `-filter filterfile'  is  specified,  then
       this copy is filtered (re-formatted) by mhl prior to being
       sent to the blind recipients.  Alternately, if the `-mime'
       switch  is  given,  then  post will use the MIME rules for

       The `-alias aliasfile' switch can be  used  to  specify  a
       file  that  post  should take aliases from.  More than one
       file can be specified, each being preceded with  `-alias'.
       In any event, the primary alias file is read first.

       The  `-msgid'  switch  indicates  that  a "Message-ID:" or
       "Resent-Message-ID:" field should be added to the  header.

       The  `-verbose'  switch  indicates that the user should be
       informed of each step of the posting/filing process.

       The `-watch' switch indicates that the user would like  to
       watch  the  transport  system's  handling  of  the message
       (e.g., local and "fast" delivery).

       Post  consults  the  environment  variable  $SIGNATURE  to
       determine  the  sender's personal name in constructing the
       "From:" line of the message.

       ^/etc/nmh/mts.conf~^nmh     mts     configuration     file
       ^/etc/nmh/MailAliases~^global      nmh      alias     file
       ^/usr/bin/refile~^Program      to      process       Fcc:s
       ^/usr/lib/nmh/mhl~^Program  to process Bcc:s post does NOT
       consult the user's .mh_profile Standard for the Format  of
       ARPA Internet Text Messages (RFC-822),
       mhmail(1),   send(1),   mh-mail(5),   mh-alias(5)  `-alias
       /etc/nmh/MailAliases'   `-format'   `-nomime'   `-nomsgid'
       `-noverbose'   `-nowatch'   `-width 72'  `-nofilter'  None
       "Reply-To:" fields are allowed  to  have  groups  in  them
       according to the 822 specification, but post won't let you
       use them.

[nmh-0.27]                    MH.6.8                            1