PREV(1)                                                   PREV(1)

       prev - show the previous message

       prev [+folder] [-showproc program] [-showmimeproc program]
            [-header] [-noheader] [-checkmime] [-nocheckmime]
            [-switches for showproc or showmimeproc]
            [-version] [-help]

       Prev performs a show on the previous message in the speci-
       fied  (or  current)  folder.   Like  show,  it  passes any
       switches on to the program named by showproc or  showmime-
       proc,  which  is called to list the message.  This command
       is almost exactly equivalent to "show prev".  Consult  the
       manual   entry   for   show (1)   for   all  the  details.
       ^$HOME/.mh_profile~^The user profile ^Path:~^To  determine
       the  user's  nmh  directory  ^Current-Folder:~^To find the
       default current folder ^showproc:~^Program  to  show  non-
       MIME  messages  ^showmimeproc:~^Program  to show MIME mes-
       sages show(1), next(1) `+folder' defaults to  the  current
       folder `-checkmime' `-header' If a folder is specified, it
       will become the current folder.  The message that is shown
       (i.e.,  the  previous message in sequence) will become the
       current message.  prev is really a link to the  show  pro-
       gram.   As  a  result, if you make a link to prev and that
       link is not called prev, your  link  will  act  like  show
       instead.   To circumvent this, add a profile-entry for the
       link to your nmh profile and add the argument prev to  the

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