ps2frag(1)                                             ps2frag(1)

       ps2frag - obsolete shell script for the PSfrag system.

       The  new  PSfrag  system  no  longer  requires the ps2frag
       script; instead, it handles the processing entirely within
       TeX/LaTeX  and  DVIPS.  I'm sure you will agree that never
       needing to run ps2frag again is a nice convenience!

       However, there are two significant differences in the  way
       this  new  version  of  PSfrag works. Please make yourself
       aware of them:

       1) XDvi is no longer able to determine where  your  PSfrag
       replacements  should  go, so instead it lines them up in a
       vertical list to the left of the figure. This  allows  you
       to confirm that they have been typeset properly, at least.
       However, to confirm that PSfrag  positions  your  replace-
       ments  properly, you will have to view the PostScript ver-
       sion of your file with a viewer like GhostView,  or  print
       it  out.   This  seems  to be the only disadvantage to the
       elimination of the pre-processing step.

       2) If you embed '\tex' commands inside your  figures,  you
       now need to explicitly _tell_ PSfrag to process these com-
       mands. To do so, use \usepackage[scanall]{psfrag}  instead
       of  \usepackage{psfrag}  at  the  beginning  of your LaTeX

       If you only use '\tex' commands in a small number of  fig-
       ures,   then   a  more  efficient  might  be  to  turn  on
       '\tex'-scanning only for those figures. To  do  that,  add
       the  command '\psfragscanon' immediately before each rele-
       vant \includegraphics or \epsfbox command.

       See the PSfrag documentation for further information.

       dvips(1), gs(1), ghostview(1), latex(1)

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