ps2pdf(1)                                               ps2pdf(1)

       ps2pdf - Aladdin Ghostscript PostScript to PDF translator

       ps2pdf output.pdf

       ps2pdf  converts the PostScript file to the Adobe
       Portable Document Format (PDF) in output.pdf.  ps2pdf uses
       gs(1).  See /usr/local/lib/ghostscript/M.N/doc/use.doc for
       more details, where M.N is the Ghostscript version number.

       Currently  ps2pdf  does a reasonable job on filled/stroked
       graphics, on bitmap images, and on text in the 14 built-in
       PDF  fonts  in the intersection of Windows and ISO Latin-1
       encodings.  It converts all other text in  the  PostScript
       file  to  bitmaps  in  the PDF file (although it does only
       write the bitmap for each character  once  per  page,  and
       only  on  pages where the character is actually used).  It
       does not compress the output at all, except for  character
       bitmaps:  it  can't  use  LZW  because  of  Unisys' patent
       claims, and it doesn't yet use other  compression  methods
       for images.

       L. Peter Deutsch <>

                           19 June 1996                         1