PUMP(8)            Linux Administrator's Manual           PUMP(8)

       pump  - configure network interface via BOOTP or DHCP pro-

       /sbin/pump [-krRst?] [-i iface] [-l hours] [--usage]

       pump is a daemon that manages network interfaces that  are
       controlled by either the DHCP or BOOTP protocol.

       While pump may be started manually, it is normally started
       automatically by the /sbin/ifup script for devices config-
       ured via BOOTP or DHCP.

       Once  pump  is  managing an interface, you can run pump to
       change the status of that interface.  For example,
       /sbin/pump -i eth0 --status
       will print the current status of device eth0.

       switch   long option         description
       -i       --interface=iface   Interface to configure (normally eth0)
       -k       --kill              Kill daemon (and disable all interfaces)
       -l       --lease=hours       Lease time to request (in hours)
                --lookup-hostname   Always look up hostname and domain in DNS
       -r       --release           Release interface
       -R       --renew             Force immediate lease renewal
       -s       --status            Display interface status
       -?       --help              Show this help message
                --usage             Display brief usage message

       Probably limited to Ethernet, might work on PLIP, probably
       not ARCnet and Token Ring.

       Submit  bug reports at the Bug Track link at http://devel-

       A pump, like a boot[p], is  something  you  wear  on  your
       foot.  Hey, we were running out of names!

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