ranlib(1)             GNU Development Tools             ranlib(1)

       ranlib - generate index to archive.

       ranlib [-v|-V] archive

       ranlib  generates  an index to the contents of an archive,
       and stores it in the archive.  The index lists each symbol
       defined  by  a  member of an archive that is a relocatable
       object file.

       You may use `nm -s' or `nm --print-armap' to list this in-

       An archive with such an index speeds up linking to the li-
       brary, and allows routines in the  library  to  call  each
       other without regard to their placement in the archive.

       The  GNU ranlib program is another form of GNU ar; running
       ranlib is completely equivalent to executing `ar -s'.

       -v     Print the version number of ranlib and exit.

       `binutils' entry in info; The GNU Binary Utilities, Roland
       H. Pesch (October 1991); ar(1), nm(1).

       Copyright (c) 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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