RCVPACK(1)                                             RCVPACK(1)

       rcvpack - append message to file

       /usr/lib/nmh/rcvpack file [-mbox] [-mmdf]
            [-version] [-help]

       The  rcvpack  program will append a copy of the message to
       the file listed on its command line.

       If the `-mbox' switch is given  (the  default),  then  the
       messages are separated using mbox (uucp) style delimiters.
       This is the format used by most mail clients (elm,  mailx,

       If the `-mmdf' switch is given, then the messages are sep-
       arated by mmdf style delimiters.  Each message in the file
       is separated by four CTRL-A's and a newline.

       In  general,  its use is obsoleted by the "file" action of
       slocal.  ^/etc/nmh/mts.conf~^nmh  mts  configuration  file
       ^$HOME/.maildelivery~^The  file controlling local delivery
       ^/etc/nmh/maildelivery~^Rather  than  the  standard   file
       rcvdist(1),  rcvstore(1),  rcvtty(1),  slocal(1)  Only two
       return codes are meaningful, others should be.

[nmh-0.27]                    MH.6.8                            1