RDATE(1)                                                 RDATE(1)

       rdate - get the date and time via the network

       rdate [-p] [-s] [host...]

       Rdate  uses  TCP  to  retrieve the current time of another
       machine using using the protocol  described  in  RFC  868.
       The  time  for each system is returned in ctime(3) format.
       The following is an example:

              % rdate uci mc
              [uci]   Sun Mar 24 20:35:41 1985
              [mc]    Sun Mar 24 20:36:19 1985

       -p     Print the time retrieved from the remote  machines.
              This is the default mode.

       -s     Set  the  local system time from the time retrieved
              from the remote machine.  This, quite naturally, is
              only effective for root.

       /etc/services  map service name to socket number
       /etc/hosts     map host name to internet address

       24-Mar-85  Lee Moore at University of Rochester

       10-Oct-94  Andy Tefft <teffta@crypt.erie.ge.com>
              Updated for Linux 1.1.52.  Set system time when run
              as root.

       23-Sep-96  Richard Henderson <rth@tamu.edu>
              Fixed 32-bit assumptions and added mode options.

                             3/24/85                            1