SETFDPRM(8)         Linux Programmer's Manual         SETFDPRM(8)

       setfdprm - sets user-provided floppy disk parameters

       setfdprm [ -p ] device name
       setfdprm  [  -p ] device size sectors heads tracks stretch
       gap rate spec1 fmt_gap
       setfdprm [ -c ] device
       setfdprm [ -y ] device
       setfdprm [ -n ] device

       setfdprm is a utility that can be used to load disk param-
       eters into the auto-detecting floppy devices, to clear old
       parameter sets and to disable or  enable  diagnostic  mes-

       Without  any  options,  setfdprm loads the device (usually
       /dev/fd0 or /dev/fd1) with a new parameter  set  with  the
       name  entry  found  in  /etc/fdprm (usually named 360/360,
       etc.).  These parameters stay in effect until the media is

       -p device name
              Permanently loads a new parameter set for the spec-
              ified auto-configuring floppy device for  the  con-
              figuration with name in /etc/fdprm.  Alternatively,
              the parameters can be given directly from the  com-
              mand line.

       -c device
              Clears the parameter set of the specified auto-con-
              figuring floppy device.

       -y device
              Enables format detection messages for the specified
              auto-configuring floppy device.

       -n device
              Disables  format  detection messages for the speci-
              fied auto-configuring floppy device.

       This documentation is grossly incomplete.


       Werner Almesberger (

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