STAB(5)                                                   STAB(5)

       stab - Current PCMCIA device status

       /var/run/stab is created by cardmgr and contains identifi-
       cation and device driver  information  for  PCMCIA  cards.
       Each  socket  is described by one header line, followed by
       one or more device driver lines.   The  header  gives  the
       card  name  as given in /etc/pcmcia/config.  Device driver
       lines consist of a series of  tab-separated  fields.   The
       first field is the socket number.  The second field is the
       device class, which identifies which script in /etc/pcmcia
       is  used to configure or shut down this device.  The third
       field is the driver name.  The fourth  field  is  used  to
       number  devices  when  a  single  card has several devices
       associated with the same driver.  The fifth field  is  the
       device  name, and the final two fields are major and minor
       device numbers for this device, if appropriate.

       The file is updated by cardmgr whenever a card is inserted
       or ejected, and when cardmgr receives a SIGHUP signal.

       David Hinds -

       cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5), cardinfo(1).

pcmcia-cs              1998/05/04 23:28:23                      1