STRTOK(3)           Linux Programmer's Manual           STRTOK(3)

       strtok - extract token from string

       #include <string.h>

       char *strtok(char *s, const char *delim);

       A `token' is a nonempty string of characters not occurring
       in the string delim, followed by  \0  or  by  a  character
       occurring in delim.

       The  strtok()  function  can be used to parse the string s
       into tokens. The first call to strtok() should have  s  as
       its first argument. Subsequent calls should have the first
       argument set to NULL. Each call returns a pointer  to  the
       next token, or NULL when no more tokens are found.

       If  a token ends with a delimiter, this delimiting charac-
       ter is overwritten with a \0 and a  pointer  to  the  next
       character  is  saved  for  the  next  call to strtok.  The
       delimiter string delim may be different for each call.

       Never use this function.  This function modifies its first
       argument.   The  identity  of  the delimiting character is
       lost.  This function cannot be used on constant strings.

       The strtok() function returns a pointer to the next token,
       or NULL if there are no more tokens.

       SVID 3, POSIX, BSD 4.3, ISO 9899

       index(3),  memchr(3),  rindex(3),  strchr(3),  strpbrk(3),
       strsep(3), strspn(3), strstr(3)

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