TIFFINFO(1)                                           TIFFINFO(1)

       tiffinfo - print information about TIFF files

       tiffinfo [ options ] input.tif ...

       Tiffinfo  displays information about files created accord-
       ing to the  Tag  Image  File  Format,  Revision  6.0.   By
       default,  the contents of each TIFF directory in each file
       is displayed, with the value of each  tag  shown  symboli-
       cally (where sensible).

       -c     Display   the   colormap  and  color/gray  response
              curves, if present.

       -D     In addition to displaying the directory tags,  read
              and  decompress all the data in each image (but not
              display it).

       -d     In addition to displaying the directory tags, print
              each byte of decompressed data in hexadecimal.

       -j     Display any JPEG-related tags that are present.

       -o     Set  the  initial  TIFF  directory according to the
              specified file offset.   The  file  offset  may  be
              specified  using  the  usual C-style syntax; i.e. a
              leading ``0x'' for hexadecimal and a leading  ``0''
              for octal.

       -s     Display  the  offsets and byte counts for each data
              strip in a directory.

       -#     Set the initial TIFF directory to #.

       pal2rgb(1),    tiffcp(1),    tiffcmp(1),    tiffmedian(1),

                           May 2, 1990                          1