USERNET(1)                                             USERNET(1)

       usernet  -  graphical  utility  for  manipulating  network


       usernetctl gives the user two  buttons  for  each  network
       interface  he  or  she  is allowed to control: a button to
       toggle interface status (bring the network  up  or  down),
       and  a  button which shows the current network status, and
       updates when pressed (as well as  automatically).   Normal
       users are allowed to control only user-controllable inter-
       faces, as reported by the usernetctl(1) program; the supe-
       ruser is allowed to control all devices.

       Interfaces with multiple configurations (``Clone'' config-
       urations created with the netctl utility) present  a  menu
       for  bringing  the  device  up.  The menu presents all the
       configurations that the user is allowed to control.   How-
       ever,  for  brining the interface down, the configurations
       are meaningless, so it does not present the menu  in  that

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