uupick(1)                                               uupick(1)

       uupick - retrieve files transferred by uuto

       uupick [-s] [standard UUCP options]

       The  uupick program is used to conveniently retrieve files
       transferred by the uuto(1) program.  For each file  trans-
       ferred  by uuto(1), uupick will display the source system,
       the file name, and whether the name refers  to  a  regular
       file  or  a  directory.  It will then wait for the user to
       specify an action to take.  One of the following  commands
       must be entered:

       q    Quit out of uupick.

            Skip the file.

       m [directory]
            Move  the  file  or directory to the specified direc-
            tory.  If no directory  is  specified,  the  file  is
            moved to the current directory.

       a [directory]
            Move  all  files  from  this  system to the specified
            directory.  If no directory is specified,  the  files
            are moved to the current directory.

       p    List the file on standard output.

       d    Delete the file.

       ! [command]
            Execute `command' as a shell escape.

       The following options may be given to uupick.

       -s, --system system
            This  option  may  be used to restrict uupick to only
            present files transferred from a particular system.

       -x type

       --debug type

       -I file

       --config file

       -v, --version

            Standard UUCP options.

       uucp(1), uuto(1)

       Ian Lance Taylor (ian@airs.com).  This  Manpage  based  on
       the Taylor UUCP 1.06 Texinfo documentation.

                         Taylor UUCP 1.06                       1