uuto(1)                                                   uuto(1)

       uuto - send files to a user on a remote system.

       uuto [uucp options] files... system!user

       The uuto program may be used to conveniently send files to
       a particular user on a remote system.  It will arrange for
       mail  to  be sent to the remote user when the files arrive
       on the remote system, and he or she  may  easily  retrieve
       the  files  using  the uupick program. Note that uuto does
       not provide any security--any user on  the  remote  system
       can examine the files.

       The  last  argument  specifies the system and user name to
       which to send the files.   The  other  arguments  are  the
       files or directories to be sent.

       The  uuto  program is actually just a trivial shell script
       which invokes the uucp program with the appropriate  argu-
       ments.   Any option which may be given to uucp may also be
       given to uuto.


       Ian Lance Taylor (ian@airs.com).  This  Manpage  based  on
       the Taylor UUCP 1.06 Texinfo documentation.

                         Taylor UUCP 1.06                       1