WATCH(1)               Linux User's Manual               WATCH(1)

       watch - watch a program with update intervals

       watch [-n seconds] program [ args ...  ]

       watch  is  a  curses(3)-based  program  that allows you to
       watch a program as it changes.   By  default,  it  updates
       itself  every  2  seconds.   You can specify the number of
       seconds with the -n option.  The  curses  packages  allows
       for  quick updating of the screen through cursor optimiza-
       tion.  The program will end  with  a  keyboard  interrupt,
       which  will leave the screen in a valid yet cleared state.

       watch was written by Tony Rems <>
       It is currently maintained as part of the procps suite  by
       Michael K. Johnson.

       Please send bug reports to

                           2 Sep 1997                           1